Some nice words that clients generously shared in their reviews and testimonials about     Personal Training with Laura P. Fitness:

With Laura’s guidance, expertise and knowledge I have learned to overcome my resistance to exercise. With her compassion I have learned to enjoy it. With her friendship I now look forward to it. I am stronger, healthier and motivated, and I contribute that success to the teacher.
– Heather E.

I began working with Laura last year to improve my balance which was virtually non-existent due to a head injury. Not only is my balance better than most people I know, I’m now in the best physical shape I’ve ever been in. Thank you Laura!
– Suellen I.

As my personal trainer for the past seven years, Laura Primiano has proven herself to be knowledgeable, energetic, and beyond patient. I was always amazed by the variety of ways that Laura could make exercise fun and effective. When we first started working together about seven years ago, I was having panic attacks whenever I got winded walking up inclines. My balance also was not the best. Through patience and careful planning, Laura made it possible for me to leave my panic attacks behind, increase my endurance, improve my balance and boost my strength. Two years ago, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Laura worked with me throughout my treatment. We never missed a session and I attribute my quick recovery to her patient but consistent encouragement. I am sad to see her leave my area because although I have had four other personal trainers over the years, none compare to Laura. I am confident that you will l find her services as helpful as I have.
– Alana F.

Laura Primiano is an amazing trainer. I’m not what you would call the most flexible person. I have had a lot of lower back pain and had seen multiple dr’s including GPs and chiropractors with no improvement in the pain.I had seen Laura and instantly she knew that my hamstrings were so tight that that was probably what was causing the pain in my lower back.So she stretched me and showed me multiple stretches to do on my own. I can honestly say that with Laura’s help my lower back pain has subsided and only flares up occasionally.  I owe Laura for recognizing the problem and helping me find a solution. I continue to do the stretches and one day hope to be able to touch my toes. I highly recommend Laura as she really cares about her clients and want to help them to the best of her ability. She is tough but makes you want to work harder for yourself.   She is encouraging and fun to work out/stretch with. Definitely give her a try and you will be so happy you did!!!
– Colleen S.

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