Fitness Programs

Fitness Programs

All personal training fitness programs incorporate an Exercise Program as well as addressing the whole body and the mind. Exercise alone is not enough for your optimal health and fitness; one needs proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle (stress relief, proper sleep, increased activity, hydration, etc.) and a healthy mind.

Exercise Programs

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Custom designed Exercise Programs will utilize a variety of functional exercise methods including the following:


Suspension straps for basic to advanced exercises to improve strength, core, balance and cardio in one workout. Fun and challenging using the whole body for body weight exercises and the brain.

Functional Training

Exercises which involve training the body for the activities performed in normal daily life. Great for all levels of fitness and health.


Burn a ton of calories! Strengthen and tone entire body: Get strong, toned arms, flat abs, tight butt, sexy shoulders and legs. Perfect for anyone looking to let out their inner Rocky and inner stresses. Your friends will be in awe of your zen attitude after a good kickboxing workout.

Pool Fitness, outdoor workouts, etc.

TRX Suspension Training

Necessity is the mother of invention. Whatever we can use to help you reach your goals that is available, we will use.